A Day Without ‘LOL’ Moments is a Day Wasted !!


Notice the above picture ? What does it say – ‘Laugh out Loud.’  A lot of you tend to use the ‘LOL’ acronym way too commonly, and that’s good. It indeed is but do you actually implement it in your actual lives? NO.

Well here’s the thing people and get this straight – You have got to let go of your inhibitions and embrace laughter as much as you can. Even in the year 2014, with all the access to technology and so many other awesome things, if you can’t even laugh. what the hell are you living for. Laugh like a child because that is the purest , the most genuine form of laughter. If you feel that your life is stressful and you don’t have enough reasons to be happy , and laugh out loud – CREATE those reasons. Most importantly, distance yourselves from negativity and negative people. They will suck the life force out of you.Count all those people in, who help you release Endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure. Endorphin is known as the ‘happiness hormone’. It does away with all your stress and makes you happy at heart.

The most insignificant things that you tend to take for granted will assist you in releasing Endorphins – the smell of chocolate, a bite of your favourite dessert, a hot shower after a hectic day, a good workout session that makes you feel good about yourself, a healthy interaction with someone positive, watching a sitcom, reading a really inriguing book, a really nice ‘make- out’ session , if you have that option of course 😉 and lots of laughter. Laughter is healthy, laughter fills you with positivity and it is definitely contagious. That is why you have got to surround yourselves with people who will literally make you release Endorphins. Laughter cleanses you inside out. It helps build your immunity. It helps lower your blood pressure. It even helps toning your abs. More than anything else, it contributes to your overall well being. Therefore, don’t waste time in waiting to be happy, waiting to laugh, waiting for having your perfect moments. Now is perfect , it’s as good as any time. Just laugh because a day without LOL moments is a day wasted and a life without LOL moments is an entire life time wasted.

Akriti Mattu


  1. LOL!

    Wait…did you want bigger comment?;)

    I laugh a lot, especially at the absurdity of it all. People tend to take themselves and the world around us entirely too seriously. We all need to lighten up. Great post.

  2. This post has been chosen for Felicia’s Picks! Please keep an eye out for thoughtful minds united this Friday 🙂

  3. Such articulated and awesome piece of writing Mattu. Actually you hit very right zones with this, i could actually imagine myself LOLing at the choices you gave, highlighting what makes me go Rofl.
    “a good workout session that makes you feel good about yourself, a healthy interaction with someone positive, a really nice ‘make- out’ session , if you have that option of course 😉 and lots of laughter” are mine …Lol ..!!

  4. Laughter, true belly laughter, letting go laughter is a healthy precaution, prescribed – as often as possible each day. Can’t overdose

  5. I guess we cannot laugh out loud today like a child because we have lost the childlike innocence in the laugh itself. Our guffaws betray guilt, chuckles betray expectations, chortles betray sadness and cackles betray our insecurities. Its unfortunate but true . Nice introspective post Di 🙂

  6. Nice post and I fully agree 🙂 The only thing missing here was a good joke 😛 hahahaa

    Actually what’s also funny is how we laugh, when speaking or typing in English I think of laughing as hahahaa or lol, but when I’m speaking / writing Spanish, laughing in my head is jajajajaaa. I’m not sure how they laugh in German or Chinese? hmmmm, funny thing to think about 😛

    Hope you’re well!! 😀

  7. Laughter is so important in life! So many people get caught up in the sincerity of it all that they forget to take a step back and just enjoy life. Great thoughts!

  8. I love the positivity and the enery of this post. Makes you smile. Love 🙂

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  10. I absolutely agree ‘ laughter is no doubt the best medicine’ so lets live love n laugh

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