A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. 

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What is the most difficult thing to pursue in this world ? Being Yourself !

What is the easiest way to achieve it ? Land up with the right person 🙂

See a face you love each day and you’ll never run out of smiles. Talk to a bud in a partner and you’ll never wan to turn away from home. Hold hands of a champ and you’ll feel like a winner for the rest of your life.

Love, they say is unconditional. Holds true.

The universe has it planned for everyone. All you have to do is understand and catch the vibe. If being single is what makes you happy, wait for the time when you find yourself in a relationship where the happiness doubles. It takes two to make a team. It takes united two to make a damn good one.

Be the best version of yourself every single day by being with the kind of person who respects you, accepts you and loves you for who you are. A friend. A confidant. A Companion for life. That is the secret to happiness.

In the last three decades of my existence on this planet, I’ve come across a pile of definitions of love and soulmates. But here’s what touched my heart –

” …A Soulmate is someone who will make you be the most you that you can possibly be.”

I found my guy 🙂

Dedicated to you Ashie 🙂


Akriti Mattu


  1. Glad you know, that you’d found someone who makes you better, but it’s my belief, that you must, first be WHOLE, before you can share a happy life with someone else, because if you’re NOT whole to begin with, and you expect someone else, to make you whole, then, what would happen, if the person no longer loved you??? So, we all must fulfill ourselves FIRST, before we can get involved with another, that, is what I believe…

    • Absolutely. That is what our 20s are for – Being fulfilled ourselves and then sharing a life with someone who adds up the happiness 🙂

      The definition of soulmate shared above is what I truly believe in 🙂 – …A Soulmate is someone who will make you be the most you that you can possibly be.”

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