One Kind Deed..


One of those days when my anger crossed every limit..felt like bashing the first person who came across..the slightest change in stimuli around could have aggravated my aggression to a higher, crazier limit..Skipped my meals too (which i generally don’t)..so, all in all the day was going rough..until i decided to finally sink it in and eliminate the extra factors patiently. Sinking it all in i decided to feed myself..i was starving..prepared 2 packets of maggie noodles..and just when i was about to take my first bite after an insane day..i heard an innocent voice from across the little kitchen window..I went outside and there stood a child ,barefoot around nine , who lives in the shabby building behind my own..he said something which i hadn’t heard for years..'” i’m hungry, i feel like having maggie.”..all the frenzy just negated..and kept me thinking while i was in the kitchen preparing something to eat and wasting the entire day on things that don’t really matter, this child stood outside ,felt hungry since he smelled the aroma..i had the plate right in front of me but i just could not eat..because if i did i would have thought and thought the entire night about all the things that we take for granted..and so i shared it with him..he said ,” thank you.” .. and that was the best feeling ever..it ย was..all genuine..real smile..real feelings..nothing plastic unlike all of us.

There’s something about childhood that is so innocent..why should any child crave for things we don’t even care about?why should any child suffer?how were we as kids different from that child outside?Why did we enjoy all the luxury when so many of us struggle each day?Sad feeling i’m going through today.The experience moved me and made me realize that even though i consider myself really satanic, i still have that basic goodness left in me..the goodness with which i was born , the goodness with which i was nurtured, and the goodnesss which was instilled in me so as to feel for my fellow human beings.. :)..The good thing about that child is that he goes to school..is getting his basic education..and tomorrow if he keeps working hard he might just set an example..become an inspiration..but for the millions of children across the world who still can’t go to school what will the future hold?

We don’t need to go out on the streets raising slogans against governments for not acting well, for not eradicating poverty..or flaunt to the world about our donations to charitable organisations..All we need to do is perform one kind deed each day for someone selflessly..make someone happy in the true sense of the term..and at night smile to the person in the mirror, pat our back and sleep in peace..After all one kind deed each day by each one has the power to make this weary world a really beautiful place to live in.

Akriti Mattu


  1. One’s kindness can make the difference, like yours…. Keep shining with your good deeds. stay positive, stay energetic ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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