Assistant Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi from Previous Years

Assistant Loco pilot papers in Hindi

Assistant Loco Pilot papers in the Hindi language are essential for aspirants who will attempt the paper in their mother tongue. It is essential to solving these papers before the exam so as to have a clear cut idea about the nature of the examination.

Solving the Loco pilot papers in Hindi will help you evaluate your preparation. This will help you get an insight into your strong and weak areas. Depending on the score you get after solving the papers, start improvising. You should focus on amplifying your strengths and reducing your weaknesses.

There exists a methodical way to solve the Loco Pilot papers in Hindi. Random attempts and guess work will not help. You need to formulate a proper strategy to solve the past year question papers or even model papers.

The RRB ALP recruitment notification has been released after 3 years so make sure you avail the opportunity.


Methodology to Practice Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi

While attempting the Loco Pilot papers in hindi,  make sure to be 100% honest with yourself. Cheating on your own self will cost you immensely in the exam. Do not take a sneak peak at any solution before attempting the Loco pilot papers in Hindi. The same principal applies to RRB ALP sample papers as well.

There is a step by step process for attempting the question papers –

Step 1 Read the question paper thoroughly. Invest 2 to 4 minutes in just reading the paper.
Step 2 Note down the serial numbers of questions you might want to attempt but are currently not sure of solving them.
Step 3 Now note down the serial number of questions you will not be attempting at all. Step 2 & 3 will help you save a lot of time later.  You must complete the above 3 steps within 4 minutes.
Step 4 Once you’ve read the paper well and know for sure what to attempt and what not to attempt, begin solving.
Step 5 Begin answering all the questions that you know for sure.
Step 6 Once, you’ve attempted the questions you’re sure about, move to the questions, you had a slight doubt about earlier. These are the questions that you had noted down.
Step 7 Solve only those questions where you can make an informed guess. Else leave it.
Step 8 Do not attempt any remaining question that you don’t know how to solve. Else, you’ll end up losing precious marks.

RRB ALP Previous Year Papers with Answer Keys

The internet is loaded with fake papers from previous years. Uploading such material is not just unethical but also unfair to the aspirants. An attempt has been made by me to do thorough research across the web and consult certain successful aspirants (who attempted the ALP exam in Hindi) from the years 2014.

After careful consultation, the subsequent video on loco Pilot papers in Hindi has been uploaded below. Watch it carefully and learn to solve questions effectively. I will try to procure more videos as well. In case any of you has something authentic to share, feel free to reach out to me –

Source: Help Zone

 Assistant Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi for Practice

RRB ALP examination is quite popular with both English and Hindi speaking masses. In fact a lot of aspirants attempting the RRB ALP examination 2018 will be Hindi speakers. So it is important that you practice Loco Pilot papers in Hindi.

Here is a recommendation –

RRB ALP Practice Papers in Hindi Sark Publications

Recommended RRB ALP Exam 2018 Mock Tests in Hindi

 Loco pilot papers in Hindi

Enroll for Mock Tests here

Tips for Practicing Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi

 Always attempt the Loco Pilot papers in Hindi with a fresh mind
 Make sure that you are not familiar with the questions being solved from the paper.
 Time yourself while attempting the Loco Pilot papers in Hindi
 Solve your stronger sections first
 Do not attempt questions you have no clue about.

Things Not to Do While Attempting Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi

Care should be taken to not indulge in certain practices while attempting the Loco Pilot papers in Hidni. Else, no point of investing time and attempting.

You should not be distracted while attempting. Do not take the Loco Pilot papers in Hindi from previous years lightly.
Do not take a sneak peak at solutions while attempting Loco Pilot papers in Hindi
Switch off your cell phones before attempting Loco Pilot papers in Hindi
Avoid seeing time again and again.
Do not make random guesses.

Advantages of Solving Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi

There are many advantages of solving Assistant Loco Pilot papers in Hindi –

Exposing yourself to questions asked in Loco Pilot papers in Hindi assists you in understanding the level of examination.
Solving Loco Pilot papers in Hindi ensures that you practiced various types of questions at least once before the exam.
Solving questions from Loco Pilot papers in Hindi helps you compare questions from various years and observing the changing nature.
Loco Pilot papers in Hindi will help your mental faculties be fully aware of the potential challenges.
Solving questions from Loco Pilot papers in Hindi will ensure you don’t feel scared attempting similar questions in the actual exam.

 How to Make Efficient Use of Loco Pilot Papers in Hindi ?

To ensure that you benefit from attempting the Assistant Loco Pilot papers in hindi, you should invest some time for self evaluation. Just solving papers will not prove useful. Sit on your mistakes and try not to commit them in the actual exam.

The whole point of solving questions from Loco Pilot papers in Hindi is to score well in the actual exam. So unless you learn from the type of mistakes committed, the whole exercise will prove futile.

With each paper attempted, your score should improve. This is the best way to check whether the RRB ALP previous year papers are helping you or not.

RRB ALP Examination 2018 – Highlights

As per the official notification, there will be two stages examination (First stage CBT and Second Stage CBT) common for ALP and Technician.

In addition , candidates who have opted for ALP and qualified in Second Stage CBT have to undergo Computer Based Aptitude Test (AT). Marks will be normalized in all the stages of exam.

RRB ALP Exam Tidbits

First Stage CBT

Duration: 60 Min,
No of Questions: 75 Sections: Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, General Science, General awareness

Second Stage CBT

Short listing of Candidates for the Second Stage CBT exam shall be based on the normalized marks obtained by them in the First Stage CBT Exam.Total number of candidates to be shortlisted for second stage shall be 15 times the community wise total vacancy of ALP and Technician Posts notified against the RRB as per their merit in First Stage CBT.

Duration:2 hours and 30 Minutes (for Part A and Part B together)

Part A Duration: 90 Min
No of Questions: 100Sections: Mathematics, General Intelligence and Reasoning, Basic Science and Engineering, General Awareness on Current Affairs
Part B Duration: 60 Min,
No of Questions: 75This part is qualifying in nature and shall have questions from the trade syllabus prescribed by Director General of
Employment & Training (DGET).

Total Vacancies Issued for 2018

Loco pilot papers in Hindi

Stop wasting time and start practicing. Remember that Indian Railways has issued this recruitment drive after a gap of 3 years. So make this attempt count and avail the opportunity.

All the very best !!!


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    • Hi Rajan,

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      For general awareness, its not just current affairs that you have to cover. Its overall. So try to have a more inclusive preparation strategy. As for dates, at least the last 1 year.

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