This Is Who I Am !


I’d rather be a rebel and remain ‘free’ than be a hypocrite and conform to the shams of society, and live a sad life!! Not worth it. Never was, never will be !!

If chaos is what defines me, be it,  since, ” Chaos often breeds life when order breeds habit. ” After all the beautiful and the vast universe we live in, was created because of chaos, not order.

I am not the one who is complicated. I am exactly what i was supposed to be. It is people who have a hard time catching up !! But the ones that do, are the best people.




Akriti Mattu


  1. As ever, thought provoking. By qualifying yourself as rebel, you let society pigeon-hole you. That’s the catch I think. You accept whatever else comes with that tag. To me, being free is not being a rebel just because I’m not mainstream and rejecting society if it refuses to accept-it’s slowly changing my environment to fit around me and work with me, but amost without it knowing. It’s worked in the past, well. It’s the whole thing about changing a system from the inside. Best of both worlds and you get to keep all your connections. People tended to respect me more afterwards.

    That said, I’m an only child so I’m very comfortable in my own company, my hobbies are all done alone but you need people to be there for you and I’d never cut them off. If they can’t accept, change them and make them accept.

    -The Ace

    • For me being a rebel works since i cannot be a part of the hypocrisy that goes around. I’m damn comfortable in my own skin.

  2. I so agree with you on this! Over the past few years, I’ve learned to be more humble and it has taught me so many things a lot of people are often blind to in this world. Being alone is a state of serenity, love it!

  3. I really like this. Love the words and the visuals. Thank you for the like of one of my articles, it let me find you. Hope you don’t mind a new Follow. 🙂

  4. It is good to be ‘yourself’. The world is not about impressing anyone, but yourself.
    Lovely post…

  5. What a wonderful blessing and a very much needed blessing to have your like and your comment on “Tell Me Again”. Thank you!

  6. I didn’t get it.
    How can you call yourself a rebel?
    And by shams of society, do you mean conforming to laws?

    I fear, if you think like an extremist, you will even approve the terror acts done by naxalites in India or say ISIS, Al-Qaeda around the world.

    Conforming to laws, is a means of ‘social contract’ to achieve stability in society. It never aims to shackle the minds of people. So in a way conforming to society norms is a good measure of progress.

    Here, I am not trying to justify mundane social norms but the norms which are actually relevant today.

    Also, as an uthopian society is a fallacy, i think so does your saying that you are a rebel unless you act in that manner. (My this statement is based on the assumption that you are of rebellious nature, like the actors of ‘Rang De Basanti’)

    • Dude no offence but if you can’t get the sentiment behind the post , try not commenting here because that puts you in an extremely weak spot plus shows you as a kind of naive and unexposed person . Let me clarify for you my stance on me being a rebel. But before that let me define the word, “rebel’ for you (since you clearly don’t know it).
      “A rebel is someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action.”
      (Kindly check for yourself and consult a standard dictionary).

      You mentioned something about conformity here as to how it is a good measure of progress. Conformity, dear fellow, is “orthodoxy in beliefs and set patterns” so how in the world do you plan to progress if you conform ? The most successful people in the world today and even in different eras were non-conformists and that is why they could lead others to follow their example. THEY INSPIRED BY BEING DIFFERENT FROM THE SET WAYS OF THE WORLD. Right from the time of Leonardo Da Vinci to the present MarK Zuckerberg , the most brilliant and successful people in the world have always been non-conformists. I’m going to present here a list of people (i’m assuming you will be aware of the names, since if you don’t, it’s a pity) who literally rocked the world or are at present rocking it because of their ability to stand out and NOT conform to the retrograde standards of society –
      William Shakespeare
      Charles Darwin
      Christopher Columbus
      Martin Luther
      Isaac Newton
      Albert Einstein
      Benjamin Franklin
      Friedrich Nietzsche
      Sigmund Freud
      Raja Ram Mohan Roy
      Galileo Galilei
      Adam Smith
      Elvis Presley
      Vincent van Gogh
      Oscar Wilde
      Joan of Arc
      Michael Jordan
      Henry Ford
      Bill Gates
      Alan Turing
      Steve Jobs
      Mark Zuckeberg
      Etc. etc. etc.

      My list isn’t finished here but I guess these mighty names are more than enough to convey my point across. I’ve dig out here examples from History, Literature, Science, Philosophy, Politics, Entrepreneurship, and Sports. I insist read more about each of them to know their life and how they stood out and more than anything else , how they kicked out conformity from of their lives. People like u follow them only because they did not conform coz’ had they conformed they would have been lost in the sands of time just like most of the people. I can debate here so much more but I guess time is a constraint plus I don’t want to embarrass you more.

      You also mentioned that you are not speaking about “mundane social reforms”.
      Well here’s the thing , one becomes a rebel only against the ‘mundane social reforms’. Ok ? Not against ‘laws’ because people going against laws are not rebels but OFFENDERS and ANARCHISTS. Of course if some law is retrograde , one should stand against that too. So i’m amazed at your level of awareness. Where do you get your info, your knowledge from ? It’s time you elevate your standard of thinking.Your exposure of the world appears really narrow. Try reading more books on history and philosophy and not to forget autobiographies/biographies.

      As for your last point on Rang De Basanti, don’t know whether to laugh at you or pity you since you’ve seemed to made an entire assumption based on a movie, that is fiction. Plus it shows that you preferred the part of the movie where those people kill rather than the part where an honest air force pilot is killed because of the cheap parts of the aircraft he’s flying due to the corruption of the government. Anyway, what were you even thinking before making this comment ? Watch more documentaries and less Bollywood films and you might develop a world view in contrast to a point of view with which you live and assume the worst out of people.
      Last clarification on me supporting groups like ISIS, Naxalites etc. are you on crack ? You clearly haven’t read my recent 2 posts because had you read them , you would not make an insensitive comment here, plus you would have spared the horror of proving yourself to be an absolute moron. You know what I could have clearly edited or even deleted your comment but since I have a spine, I’m allowing your entire unedited comment to stay on my blog forever along with my rebuttal. Every single visitor will see it now and might just give you more and more feedback. When you visit here 10 years from now (if you do, coz’ I don’t think after today you will), you might think in retrospect as to how narrow, dogmatic and foolish your thinking was just coz’ you DIDN’T know the meaning of the word ‘rebel’

      I am proud to be a rebel , mostly coz’ I don’t ever want to be in comparison with people like you who I doubt will ever ‘grow’ in life’. Plus I have a unique and an independent way of thinking, a rational way of thinking and a clarity of perception. Also an openness to new things . The human race took millions of years of evolution to have their brains evolved so I insist respect that for yourself and don’t behave retrograde. Else there won’t be much of a difference between you and the early man. You know what’s ironic here u thought of me as supporting extremist groups but in actuality you’re the one who prefers conformity so, sadly pal, you’re the one who will any day support them and it is only people like me who NEVER accept their authority. So you’re closer to them in the way of thinking rather than people like me. After all it takes huge amount of guts to question something that is powerful so thank all the rebels and the non-conformists of the world for making this world a better place otherwise you would still be living on a planet which was thought to be the centre of the universe, as opposed to it revolving around the sun. Also be thankful that you had non-conformists like Gandhi who gave you an independent country otherwise today you might just be a slave of the Union Jack. Thus , if u feel that the above mentioned names would be synonymous to terrorists SHAME ON YOU because each and every single person mentioned out there happens be an extremist. (You should devote months now doing a lotmore intensive Google search). So if at all, you should have a problem, it should be with extremist radicalism, and fundamentalism, not just by extremism.
      Have you got all your explanations now or do I explain more? Coz’ I can . Next time you visit ( which I doubt) be more rational and aware.

      P.S : You know what’s the best thing about being a rebel THEY NEVER BECOME A PART OF THE CROWD BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS LEAD IT. For comprising the crowd , we have billions like you !!

      • Regarding, your comments on me ‘as being a person who accept and conforms to norms’; I have to say that
        “you are free to comment by setting standards for a person but i would suggest you to be patient, and understand a person before making snap judgment about someones personality.”

      • Vinn you have quite the idiotic way of thinking. You ask a blogger how can she call herself a rebel, i ask you how can you not call yourself a rebel in a world where everything needs questioning.

        “Humanity’s most valuable assets have been the non-conformists. Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

        Why being a conformist is dangerous :
        Go on. Admit it. There are some things you do in life only because everyone else is doing it. Human beings are pack animals. They like to be in a group and they like to be like other people in that group. Being different is not seen as a good thing because it is threatening. And so we conform. We try to be like everyone else.

        And here is why that is dangerous: because critical thinking goes out the window. Logic goes out the window. We don’t stop and think about what we are doing because everyone else is doing it. We forget to question whether it is right or wrong and we just follow the other sheep.

        Take the example of religious extremists. These people have conformed to a particular ideal out of fear and they accept their cause based on blind faith. They do not analyze or use critical thought to come to a logical conclusion. This is extremely dangerous for society because these people are so open to negative influence. They will follow instructions without question and carry out horrible acts in the name of conformity.

        Much religious sectarianism, racism, political hatred, violence and even war would be avoided if people would only think for themselves. I truly believe this.

        One of the most important things the Buddha ever said was this:
        “As the wise test gold by burning, cutting and rubbing it, So, students, should you accept my words – after testing them, and not merely out of respect.”

        He is introducing critical thinking into his religion. Here the Buddha is saying that it is not enough just to have faith in something because a priest or great person said so. You must use your own intelligence and critical analysis to decide for yourself if this great person is speaking something factual. It is a more scientific approach to life.

        If we want to be happy in this world, and if we want to create a more peaceful place for our children, we need to start thinking for ourselves. We need to question, ponder and analyze the world around us. Do not accept things because your family or priest or political leader told you to. Do not accept things because your friends do it. And, perhaps most importantly, don’t accept things because the media says it is the truth. You need to question in order to find the truth. And when you find the truth suffering and hatred dissipates.

        Start thinking for yourself today. Don’t wait til you are old and frail to realize that you have spent your entire life doing what everyone else wanted you to do. It is time to follow your passions. It is time to get out and make a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Question the world around you. Question your own life. And question why you do what you do.

        Conforming never brought about anything but mediocrity and dangerous blind people.

  7. Dear Mr. Vinn, You don’t get to say that because your’e the one who started this judging business. So next time, try not doing it.

    I’m only publishing a part of your comment here because this , unfortunately is the only part which is somewhat rational. The rest was about you calling me names since you obviously have been humiliated here. Well deserved though!!

    I insist don’t visit here again since your ‘assumed’ notions of the world are not welcome here. Try doing that with people who can be brainwashed. They ‘might’ listen!

    One last thing, the biggest irony in all of this is that your own blog’s caption right on the top says,
    ” FLEXIBILITY IS INDISPENSABLE” and here you were advocating me about conformity. You couldn’t have made a bigger blunder. Anyway, now either change your theme with that caption (before people who follow my blog see it ) or change yourself!!

    • Hii. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog . I get updates on my mail. I accidentally found it on google while searching on religion once and whoa i have been following every post ever since.I have to admit you are a superb writer. Even more commendable is the fact that you have the nerve to give it to some losers in their face. Well done. That my friend is the definition of a strong woman. Cheers. We need a lot more like you.

      • THANKS A TON. i really appreciate you reading my posts.
        Your entire comment above is just brilliant. In fact i’m gonna quote from here in the future. Plus the quotes from Buddha & Gibran are superb. Thanks for this. Extremely insightful and rational.

        “Conforming never brought about anything but mediocrity and dangerous blind people.” TRUE THAT.

    • I read somewhere on your blog that u appreciate criticism, well that doesnt seems to be a case here.

      I just started following this blog. And, just wanted to understand the perspective of blogger.

      If she has created this blog to moderate others view point then there is no point following her.

      • I allow criticism but not somebody calling me a supporter of a terrorist organization – ‘ISIS’ and the like. If that is your version of Criticism, you need to get yourself checked. Yes that is not case here. Will never be. You wana criticize my position, your’e welcome but at least support your stance with a rational argument. A lot of people ( check for yourself if you like) here take a different stance but every comment has been published coz’ they make sense. But some arrogant , ‘living in a fool’s paradise’ kinda guy like you is not welcome here. This is the first and the last time you called me a supporter of a terrorist group. You do it one more time and i’m gonna report your blog for abuse. As for moderation, you allow that sort of irrationality on your blog. I won’t. I will not spoil the vibe of my blog just coz’ you are short of logical and intelligent arguments. Even if you comment here a 100 times, i’m gonna moderate those 100 comments if you include irrationality, idiocy and ABUSE.

      • Vinn I see the change of tone here. You could not argue against anything i wrote. What a shame. All you seem to be doing is complaining that your comment was moderated and all that. Shame you could not provide an good argument.
        Not providing any sympathy to you. I’m glad your comment got moderated because what has been published previously is utter crap. And yes don’t follow this blog because you are getting over head transmissions here 😀 726 of us are already devout readers here.

  8. Akriti i’m planning to start my own blog, i will appreciate if you could guide.

    • Sure, You can contact me on Hangout or Twitter. I’d me glad to guide.

  9. Seems like Mr Vinn you learnt your lesson since your comments have stopped. Don’t ever dare to question my integrity again. This time i warned you. Next time i WILL take action.

    You wanna have counter arguments, your’e welcome but no form of prejudice, abuse and irrationality will be tolerated here.
    Good luck with your blog . Try having an open mind from now on.

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