Best Christmas Ever


A while ago I was all by myself pondering  what Christmas means to me..It occurred to me, that as a child, this day meant waiting for Santa to give me the gifts I wanted (Ofcourse back then I did not have a clue that Santa was NOT real).When I grew up a little more and realized Santa wasn’t real, Christmas meant visiting my grandmum’s place and sharing it with her , indulging in food, and Carbs and everything that today I don’t really consume..Eating the Chocolate cake was the best part of Christmas..(Actually that tradition continues even today ).Today after so many years I realize that Christmas for me means counting my blessings and sinking in the feeling of awe and admiration I have for the life I live. Not a single moment did I want to live as ‘somebody else’ and best part is  I DIDN’T..:) So I’m grateful for the life I have..I get it now that this life is something that  a lot of people will never be able to live..not because they don’t have what it takes but because they will never ever be able to muster up their strength , do away with their fears and be who they really are.They will lead an existence of quiet desperation to speak out loud .

People tell me they get inspired by me..they love me for who I am..they feel I’m self made..I got different feelings..I’m independent, I’m a free being ..yes I am..but there are so many people who have made me who I am..i’m not self made..i have so many positive forces working behind me constantly ..Foremost my family..I’m grateful for the have  a kickass family I have..kickass in every sense of the word….I have always been a non-conformist..and therefore a lot of people who sadly form a part of the ‘blind crowd’ criticize me at times for being the way I am( sad thing is they admire me since they can never be me )..But I always have had this not giving a rat’s ass sort of an attitude to the ‘unfortunately blind ‘ people..and this attitude is there because I know, that  no matter what my folks are always going to be my biggest support system..i feel extremely  happy about that..but I didn’t earn it ..i just am privileged..and that is why I am grateful..What I do plan to and will earn is that feeling of self-contentment and that will not happen until I accomplish a task that right now is incomplete..i’ve got to complete it..I’ll be at peace then.

This has been the best Christmas till date because I’ve reached a point in life where being who I am means everything..Its a journey that started a long way back and I’m still pursuing it..in the way if people decide to leave..they can..if they want to pursue it with me they’ve got to walk at my pace ,even faster..Either way they’ll have to catch up..

On this day I feel so thankful for my family ,my friends, all my well wishers..My heart is filled with gratitude for all the people who think I inspire them  and that I guess, is my mission too..Inspiring people by being who I am.:) Read a quote some years back which said ,”why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out”. That’s my life summed up.:)

The world celebrates Christmas because they believe it is on this day that their saviour entered the world, for me I’m my biggest saviour..and what helps me is the peace within my self and that happens only when you live life on your terms and conditions..and that happens in two cases – either you have family that understands you, accepts  you the way you are happily and supports you through thick and thin or you are so strong in your being that you convince yourself on anything that you feel is right.In my case I was blessed with both.:)

Best Christmas Ever!

Akriti Mattu

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