From The Heart Of A Child :(

The last thing a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything” :(

credits:  http://bit.ly/29R7RgX

I happened to come across this picture on Twitter today and I haven’t been able to be at peace ever since. It just breaks my heart. It’s a picture of the pain and suffering of a 3-year-old boy who became a part of religious intolerance in Syria. This boy’s last words before dying were, “I am gonna tell God everything”. 🙁

The child’s deeply touching words and the sentiment behind those words present such a deprave situation of the world. These words make your eyes water and make your heart so heavy. Is this the world we are living in? The child wants to make an appeal to the Almighty to ‘punish’ the people who hurt him so inhumanly. If this is what a 3-year-old is subjected to, what the hell are we doing? Are we still humans or have turned into beasts? It really is a sad state of affairs.

When will religious bigots realize that war kills not just humans but also their humanity? The kid in the picture could have been anybody’s child from any nation. What is religious intolerance and fundamentalism doing to this world? Can we ever say that there are any real winners? No one’s winning here. In fact, there can NEVER be any winners in war. The world at large loses because humanity loses. If some fanatics feel superior that they won a war by ‘controlling’ a region and killing innocent lives in the name of religion, it’s time they make sure that they still are in human form and have not turned into beasts !!


Akriti Mattu


  1. Well I hope he does..because god needs to answer..

    As such religion was created by one of the god..which is the root cause if everything all the chaos

    So god has to answer..

    Sad sad state..wishing the young men to get well soon and hopefully somehow get out of the chaos around them..

  2. Rightly said , ” War kills not just human , but also humanity”. There are many things done in the name of religion , which are very inhuman and senseless.
    God bless the poor child !!

  3. This is sad, what is even worst is that this pure innocent child believes firmly in what those who are in control of the situation don’t, the simple values of right and wrong.
    Those who have the audacity to speak in the name of religion.
    We have some Muslim brotherhood here in Egypt too, and in the days of rebellion they have slaughtered many men, children and women under the name of God, people who meant no harm, they slaughtered the people who just spoke out loud.

    May God punish them all and I hope we’ll be able to see it happen, this world needs to be reminded that there’s always justice, no matter how long it takes, it will occur.

    “The world at large loses because humanity loses.” (Chapeau)

    • Yes buddy humanity loses. That line was right from the heart. Thanks for the Chapeau.

      As for Egypt, i agree a lot of lives have been lost especially during the recent turmoil. But i hope things are getting stabilized now. Peace for your land and the world.

  4. Ideals kill us. Connections will save us. God is in us. We just need to let Him find a way to speak to all of us.

  5. I came across this picture many months ago. It is one of the most heart-breaking things I’ve ever had to witness (though not personally). Such acts of atrociousness will pull at the hearts of even the most unfeeling person. Coming from a mere infant makes it all the more worse. When will humanity ever realize its mistakes and learn from them?

  6. Akriti, I am moved both by your outrage and by your deep compassion. Thank you for posting the photo, and especially for your words.

    Rita at Spirituality Without Borders

  7. It made me cry. The capacity for injustice and cruelty know no bounds. But he believes in God and that is hopeful yes! And now we are sharing. My blog is small, I reach 280 people but this will be my first reblog! It is important. . GOD BLESS!

    • It haunted me the entire night. The child’s face speaks a story so appalling of mankind that makes me question the humanity left in this world, if any.

      Thanks for feeling the sentiment.

      • But what about the hope of God Akriti. You have to hold on to that love our out will eat you alive. You cry and then you see. It’s how you live. It’s why you hold a door. It’s why you take an extra minute. It’s why the person who smells, who has no teeth is just as IMPORTANT. It’s why it’s ok to be late.

  8. Such a sad and heart breaking story.
    But commentary beautifully written…I hope that society can change so we don’t become the beasts we once feared.

  9. Unfortunately, that is what religion, especially conservatism, is all about. Control of everyone else’s life. Without that, is all falls apart. Whenever one justifies war, or crime, or torture, in the “name of god”, this is what the end result is.

    But it is not just war. It is in everything. Like eliminating welfare, food stamps, medical coverage, etc. Conservative religions are all about forcing the whole world into doing what they want us to do.

    That is what needs to stop. No one religion has all of the answers. Until we stop separating ourselves through religious beliefs, I am afraid this will continue endlessly.

  10. The problem is that this world has turned to be really insensitive in its nature. That is why we witness so much of war and very little amount of peace existing in this society. If people cared more, then this world would have been a very nice place to live in, however sadly at present it is not. That happens to be also the pain of this life and of this world.

  11. Most of us do not really understand war. It is, in all probability, now what the laymen believe it to be. I read “GenGhis Khan and the Making of Modern world” long back, and then I read “On War”. Of course, War And Peace is another amazing book.
    Yes, everybody will tell on on the face that they are against the concept of war- innocents are killed. But the sad tragedy is that it is because of the proverbial “common man” that war happens. They will criticize film actresses for kissing in movies but they will not cover a shivering 60 year old, homeless woman in street with a blanket. It is our acts of everyday kindness which reflect what we truly believe in, and not what we say in discussions. Sadly, the difference is what they call life 🙂

  12. Akriti, I am touched by the sentiment that you have expressed and the story of the little boy. I agree that religious differences can be divisive and lead to unnecessary suffering for the innocent.

  13. Thanks for posting this, Akriti. This is a reflection of the state of the world we are in…the world we have created for ourselves. As some of us continue to share and let our lights shine, true love grows. Blessings to anyone who’s dealing with pain at the moment.

  14. It’s a very well written and touching piece, Akriti. Whilst I feel absolutely awful about the loss of this child, I have to say, him escaping this world is actually good. Those who say, there is heaven and hell afterwards, clearly haven’t looked at our world closely enough. This is hell. Nothing can be worse than what we do to each other.

    That was an innocent child who probably didn’t even know what religion he was, let alone be guilty of blasphemy or any such nonsense.

  15. Romans 8:23-34- for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

    We have all fallen, but we are forgiven of all wrongs because of Jesus. What the boy said makes me think he will ask God to forgive those who have hurt him. God loves us. He is love. And He forgives. There is no greater love. 🙂

  16. This just proves that we are in the end times, more so than in the past. It is truly sad when the innocent have to suffer but the Bible never lied about the truth of the end.
    “But mark this: there will be terrible times in the last days…people will be unholy, without love, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of godliness but denying its power.” 2 Timothy 3:1-5
    Right now is the perfect time to keep the faith and wait on God to come back to bring us back home!

  17. I’m just…wow. Just wow. Sad.

    God sees and knows all things perfectly. In the case of returning justice where it is due, it will happen eventually (whether during this life or the next). What is unfortunate and absolutely inexcusable is what horror that child was subjected to experiencing (a haunting image indeed). No one, for that matter, deserves to be treated that way, but we’re not living in a world where we all play nice.

  18. You’re so right. What do people really gain from war? So upsetting to see that little boy affected so terribly by such needless violence. Really haunting that such a young child recognised how completely awful it all was that he needed to take it straight to god. How are the minds of leaders not seeing what even this little boy could see? Heartbreaking.

  19. In a poem I read somewhere, it said something like ‘You need to close your eyes to escape the harsh reality of life’……………and I wish I could do that right this minute. Zealots or infidels, if they carry guns and exterminate innocent life, that is the face of a deep-rooted intolerance of life and a vibrant bed of evil deed. Thank you for sharing the picture, I am sure it would have opened numerous eyes and perhaps closed some.

    • I wish i could close my eyes too. Reality is too harsh to accept a lot of times. Your comment is really profound.

  20. A heart wrenching phrase from the lips of a babe! A shameful thought, to me, that one so young has an understanding that far too many of advanced years have missed.
    Your thoughts are poignant and deliver a much needed message to our restless and angry world.
    Thank you for sharing this image to the minds of so many ignorant and uncaring people! You brought tears to my eyes and I am sure to many others with the openess of sight to see.

    • This picture has left an impact on me too.

      “A shameful thought, to me, that one so young has an understanding that far too many of advanced years have missed.” Brilliant thought.

  21. Amazing the awareness of such a small child to understand what’s going on isn’t right and how he must let God know. Pictures like this are so thought provoking, so powerful. Rich old men fight wars with young poor soldiers and the greatest impact is on the local population

  22. It makes me want to remember all the things I’m going to tell God when I get there.

    It’s heartbreaking for sure, but at the same time it’s strong coming from a little kid when he knows that’s where he’s going.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  23. A powerful image. I would’ve been even more engaged if there was some background story or information about the child and/or the specific incident that happened to him.

  24. It is really sad. It is innocent words with deep meaning. I heard from a Syrian, who had fled with his family to Saudi Arabia, about how this crisis stared. I do not know if the story is true. However, I am inclined to believe that the story could be true. The story goes like this.

    One set of kids were playing the field. In their game they wrote some something awkward about the royal family on some walls in their village. When the Police say these writing, they enquired and caught these kids (around 8-10 years old). The Police took these kids to the Police Station and cut their hands.

    When the kids returned home, their parents were exasperated. They went to the Authorities and pleaded for justice. They said that these kids were their future. How could they live in their old age with their kids in this state. Also, they said that they are too old to produce more kids. The Authorities are supposed to have said the parents to send their women to them and they would produce babies for them.

    This incidence is supposed to have sparked the revolt from the people.

  25. The fact that people are willing to kill other people in the name of religion is terrible. However, it has been done for centuries. The problem we have today is continuing to allow it to happen. When we go to another country to help them in a war effort we really aren’t helping at all, we are just causing more harm. We need to make peace and the only way for that to happen is for people to stop obsessing over religion. Religion is a pure waste of time and energy. It has no satisfaction and will never meet the needs of the people. When someone says they are avenging their “religion” by killing someone with a different belief, not only are they not using their brains, but they no longer have a heart. They, as you said, have turned into monsters. The true heart is love and love only comes from acceptance. Acceptance only comes from allowing the true God to make a change someone’s life. I really feel pity for those people who are killing, they have no love or compassion left in them because it has been beaten and torn from them. Love and compassion come from Jesus. He is the only one who can truly bring peace. I pray for that child’s family and pity the murders for they are so lost.

    • This is best part about your comment –

      “Religion is a pure waste of time and energy. It has no satisfaction and will never meet the needs of the people. When someone says they are avenging their “religion” by killing someone with a different belief, not only are they not using their brains, but they no longer have a heart. “

  26. This is an “awe inspiring” piece. It feels you with guilt, remorse, anger, sadness, and regret. Not knowing the scope of his message, the picture itself Carries a great weight and message. These wars, these legacies we are fighting for, should not come at the cost of those we plan to leave them to. And religious wars should follow the laws if the religion! God is the ultimate tool in any war; acting as motivation, encouragement, recruiter, and weapon. Religious wars are more dangerous than wars over oils, land, etc.

  27. Sometimes I wonder if actions guided by religious fanaticism are even in the name of religion at that point. Akriti, thanks for stopping by Inspired Life. It is great to see your postings and thought-provoking discussions.

  28. I don’t think this picture furthers needs any precise meaning for us to reason it in to sentence. Those picture and the words rippling with it are far intense and far to deep or out of our reach to precisely feel what its creating own self. And the honesty its proving while the words are from a child. Child who sees nothing but fair reality. And the reality it spoke was such innocent complain. Damn its more than a heartbreak feeling.

  29. I agree with your thoughts on humanity, religion and war. Humanity is nearing the verge of extinction with people fighting over countries, religion and resources. We are a tiny spec, a tiny part of a vast, vast universe. There is ‘the cycle of life’ and then it seems as though human kind has made the cycle of humanity where mostly, humans stand above all; sometimes even above the ultimate life creating force…

    I really like that you post your thoughts on a matter such as this, which many would steer away from bringing light on… 🙂

  30. Reblogged this on IstockPhoto and commented:
    War means nothing but loosing, it’s in my thoughts that participating in this inhumane behavior is unacceptable,what are we fighting for? are we fighting for our country? isn’t it that the patriotism and loving our country too much doesn’t matter if our lives is gone and vanish how we can enjoy this place the country that we fought for if we are buried deep on the ground “realize and think”.

    are we fighting for our religion? who will be save or who will be punished and get burned in fire of hell? are the scriptures you read written in the bible isn’t clearer that “Love one another as you loved yourself”, so why we need to fight for our religion and to preach words that isn’t just right? Touch your heart know yourself act as a human not a beasts. I quoted the scriptures written that Love is the number one Law we need to follow along because if we have this “Love” hurting ourselves is impossible so hurting others is really more impossible.

    War means loosing people, loosing lives, depriving the life that we should are enjoying for how many years, our life is just but one so take care of it , life is so precious to God.

    I hate war in deed i hate it:-(

  31. Out of the mouths of babes…good advice for all of us. He’s at peace now, with his God.

  32. What is even more sad and troubling is that it took the death of a helpless 3y/o boy to bring the severity of this war to mainstream media. However, it is thanks to articles such as this, that the overwhelming reaction to it will not be easily forgotten.

  33. Beautiful and touching. War is so inhumane and yes, I will never understand how someone can do so much wrong to another human being. Well said and an amazing job:)

  34. Somehow the ‘like button’ seems so wholly inappropriate to this heart-rending image. But there’s also a hidden beauty here. Personally I’m convinced that God doesn’t allow innocents to suffer in heaven so those tragic last words will have found a gentle listening ear and that precious little soul will now forever rest in peace. Who knows, there may just be another little angel now, sent out to silently watch over others in similar plight.

  35. I have found, in my experience, that religion has done more harm than good, perhaps not how it is written, but how it is practiced or misconstrued.

  36. Humans are flawed creatures with an ability to make their own choices. Children are born with pure innocence. Can we do anything about this situation? Not much. Can we prevent a situation like this from happening again? I sure hope so. Perhaps the child is asking that such acts won’t happen again.

  37. I don’t understand how religious fanatics think they have chosen the right path to god and how that is through their religion when they’re the kind of people who don’t even understand humanity in the first place, let alone God.

  38. Here I am! Now, I don’t believe in god and I think that religion is men made and so I believe also that the poor thing will be very much disappointed when he’ll be on the other side…well, assuming that there is another side. But for the rest, I agree with you. Wars and the societies that create them are men made and this is a very nasty world we live in. I have a toddler and when I see these picture I feel my stomach squeeze into a peach stone, really. But unless powerful and greedy people start to understand that this is a big nonsense, it will never end. Unluckily money-god is at the base of our so called society, hence we need to get rid of that first! That’s at least what I think!

  39. I couldn’t look at it for long. I tend to quarrel over trivial things, fight and lose myself to self-loathing when there are innocent children dying. It made me re-think things. Looking at it through the lens you’ve used, I really don’t know what to say. I’m just very saddened by the fact that religion which is supposed to be something personal can twist and contort the human mind that much.

  40. This little boy is going to have a very special place in Heaven, poor baby. This world is going to destroy itself from the inside out, and it’l all be thanks to the sick people out there that do things like this. Thank you for the touching post, it only makes me want to fight this world further.

  41. I see the importance of this image and why you would want people to see the importance of these kind of things happening. Personally, I find it unbelievable upsetting. I haunting image as is he death of any child.

  42. The freedoms that people believe they are entitled to would sure be crushed by this image. “Killing for religion, something I don’t understand”… and won’t ever understand.

  43. Dear akriti,
    thank you for this. I actually have a poem that may capture the sentiments of this picture.


    I am sorry there will be no help.
    But you knew that
    There is no scream, no yelp of despair
    Only acceptance but the pain is seen
    in your eyes.
    In a moment you have aged
    You linger
    So many lost
    And there will be no help
    It came to a vote
    And it was decided
    That you would await in a foreign land
    With your home gone
    And the blood
    You are a stranger to this time
    And you will continue to be
    Because we took a vote
    And there will be no help.
    – LARK

    * This was written after the U.S. took a vote on whether to send help to Syria or not.

  44. “For [their] sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered [their] iniquities.” (Revelation 18:5)

    I hope that little boy got a lot of big men in a whole lot of trouble.

  45. This picture is a representation of the reason I don’t want to have children. I can’t imagine brining a child into this world of hate where people cannot tolerate the beliefs of one another. There are many religions that are founded on loving everyone and accepting their differences, but people often seem to forget that. This world that we live in has turned into one of hate where people are intolerant of all beliefs except their own. I don’t know what happens to make this works so harsh and cruel but it seems all too often that the youngest, such as the boy in the picture, are affected most and tend to be the victims of the cruelty of others. It breaks my heart to see photos and hear stories like this one. I hope that one day the world will come to their senses and people will accept one another and rejoice in their similarities, not squabble over their differences.

    • In times like these, it really is scary bringing a child in this world. Religion has destroyed the humanity within. When a newborn arrives in this world, people start brainwashing him and don’t stop until he too becomes a fanatic. But amidst all of this, there are still people who stand out and don’t conform to the negativity of this world. Those are the people who restore faith back in this world.

      Thanks a ton for visiting here 🙂

  46. Beautifully written. I pray for his mother and family. To see that little boy in pain just makes my heartache and can’t even imagine how his mother could have dealt with the whole situation.

  47. The world we live in is one of monsters and men. A pebble hit the water a long time ago, and the ripples are becoming tsunamis. Suffering would end, but people continue to throw pebbles in; even rocks sometimes. Until someone comes along and catches one nothing will change. We can’t expect things to change without doing it ourselves. We can’t sit around and wait for the next person to do something. We have to stand up and make a difference. Who are we to say that something is wrong, only to turn our backs to it? Nothing will change, until everyone stops picking up rocks, and starts loving others.

    “be the change you want to see in the world.”

  48. I wish the design of human world would be same as like our selfless thoughts. Nature of human to grow more and more made them greedy. They all rushed for the war to win over but in reality, the one who is winning, is war itself over peace. I believe in almighty and I wish that those last words would reach to him/her. I don’t want punishment for sinner but justice with the humanity! I hope he/she would consider this thought.

  49. Truly heartbreaking. I was never exposed to such treacherous experiences as a child and lucky I was. However I was aware of the world and the terrible things in which humans do from a very young age. Yet, to hear a three year old child speak of 1) his life after death and him being aware of his passing and 2) being so unfortunately enlightened of the severity of evil in the world enough to approach the Almighty after his passing puts such a pang in my heart.
    I feel as though children, no matter where in this planet, learn of the evils before the joys anymore. I feel as though they are adults before they are children as they are exposed too such evil matters. Even for me, a young woman of simple means of a decent simple childhood, it is hard to remember the feeling not caring about the future, or about the evils that could manifest there. So to have child in the depths of his youth knowing of death and pain in such a way as this, mercy on his soul. I have no other words.

    • Yep this picture really makes us speechless.
      I’m just glad the kind of feedback this picture is getting here – is truly amazing.

      Good to see people still get affected in a deprave world like this.
      Thanks for the lovely comment.

  50. To me the boy is wanting to tell his parent/god everything. How am I to know though what this young child felt, whether his statement came from wanting to punish or from a deeper knowledge or from everything?

  51. It’s truly unfortunate. I remember reading a statement from the Dalai Lama about how all religions have the same basic goal: to invoke love and compassion. While I’m not a religious person to any extent I believe that statement wholeheartedly. Religion began as a method of explaining the unexplainable and eventually evolved into a formof comfort and acceptance. But throughout the years these tyrannical radicals have exploited it to either gain control over their peers or to cast out and ostracize anything and anyone “different.” I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done to extinguish or prevent these types of wars. It’s human nature for us to be competitive, this whole “survival of the fittest” concept. You’ll always have those individuals who’ll want to weed out the “weak” for the sake of what they deem the superior.

  52. Heart-wrenching, alarming and putting up a legitimate question on the concept of religion. Is humanity really secondary to religion? Even though every religion teaches teaches love, compassion and humanity, yet some so-called torch-bearers in every religion throw it all away to take up violence. Saddening 🙁

  53. There isn’t any question that anyone would be able to look away from this picture without being impacted by its resonance. The loss of a child to war or any aspect of evil is horrific and simply misguided. It is the ultimate travesty of extinguishing innocence. We have too many children that lose their ‘innocence’ by virtue of the moral loss of our society, much less the realities of war. The picture is poignant – it reminds me clearly of the similar image of Huynh Cong Ut’s ‘Napalm Girl’ after an assault on her village. There is no explanation for the pain these children have to endure. They didn’t ask for it. Excellent post, thank you.

    Below is the picture I am referring to. This was part of my childhood, with me being safely tucked away in the Midwest, never having to endure such a daily


  54. It is very heart breaking the world we are living in and how many places have stopped building houses and instead making space to bury their own. Although the picture is extremely sad it is also inspiring. At this day and age we quickly forget faith – because as you mention in your post “religious intolerance and fundamentalism” is killing humanity. So for me as a Christ follower the child reflects what Matthew 18:3 which states “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Young children are loving, forgiving and easy to trust in the impossible. And how impossible it is to think we will ever get justice in the world we are living in!! So when the child is truly trusting a bigger force to get his justice it humbles me and reminds me that I also have someone that in time will provide justice for this world. A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post because I was going through a similar situation about questioning justice. Akriti thanks for these Unfolding Words and thanks for encouraging thought provoking conversation. 😉

  55. This is heartbreaking, to be certain. Alas, it is not an isolated event now or throughout human history. Innocents have always been caught in the middle of senseless carnage, pain, death. Your mind cannot make sense of it because there is no sense to it. Children are hurt, tortured, killed in far greater numbers and for various reasons other than religious fanaticism. Children are bought and sold as chattel in the sex trade where their spirit is killed again and again. Some are bought and sold to unhappy couples, who cannot bear their own. Others, are bought and sold for parts. There are so many horrors that mankind inflicts upon its own and all throughout creation. These images and stories should never become acceptable, nor should we ever become complacent to the madness. However, once you look into the darkness just be prepared for it to look back. I have worked with many broken children and adults and there are evils in this world beyond religion and war. Once you look into them, you can never fully be free of the stench. So, be strong and continue to fight against the monster whose face is very obvious in this world (war & religion) because there are legions more that live in the shadows.

  56. this is seriously heart breaking.. ti echoes the fact that children are messenger of God and we’re wronging God’s own children. this picture reflects of the catastrophe which will be our own calling.

  57. ‘Are we humans or all beasts’?
    Romans 3:23 ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’

    Does that answer the question? I think it does. Mankind can be so cruel sometimes. My father used to break down in tears whenever he saw man’s inhumanity to his fellow beings. It touches my heart in the same way. People fight for ’causes’ yet if we all loved one another as we should there wouldn’t be any ’causes’ to fight for.

    Shirley Anne x

  58. Read about the boy’s story a while back as well. Truly sad

    One just had to stop and evaluate everything. Will it all ever end? So sad what we do to other people, in the name of God and other things.

  59. Wished adults would see the world in the eyes of children… what happened that we lost our childlike view of the world? what happened that we forgot to be pure and innocent like children? if we turn back to this innocent, childlike way the world would be less cruel…

  60. greed and proclaiming one is right over the other has sadly always been a part of this world and folks have used things to mask their own hate and negative vibe. sadly nothing new and sadly its still done and excused and not allow all to be respected. every life has a purpose and a meaning to touch and move lives. we all are accountable for when something like this happens and not speak on it and make a difference. the world never cared for itself and it still would rather lie than be themselves and accept the beautiful creations that were created to walk this earth as souls

  61. Breathtaking picture. What a child, I don’t have words to say how inspiring this is for some reason. Makes me wonder if there’s something more than just life

  62. You are absolutely correct. This is extremely sad. No child deserves this. In a world,where peace is required the most,war is taking place instead. What is gonna happen to our world,to humanity and to all those innocent people living out there and suffering this malevolence if this continues?

  63. wow..i don’t know what to say..that is just shocking..i haven’t heard of this story before…i know what religious people can be like-they are merciless and do not make any allowances…sometimes i want to scream at them and ask – “if God wanted to punish and kill other people, he knows how to do it himself! He doesn’t need your help!”
    Religious people have a higher standard than God himself which is pure evil – the religious standard that is…

  64. Sadly, as long as religion and the political ‘elite’ continue to control our world this sort of thing will continue unless we all stand as one and say NO MORE. Unfortunately there are only a few whispers in a noisy room for this to happen and many more like this poor kid will sadly be taken from this earth of ours. Humankind is the most destructive animal on the planet and it never learns.

  65. The picture & the content highlights whats wrong with us. Wars give us nothing but pain and agony. Humanity needs more of love & care and not the results of vested interests or the ugly fruits of religious fundamentalism. Our perceptions need to change. So are our actions.

    Brilliantly portrayed!! You hit the right chord with the right message.Thank you for such an eye opener.

  66. I love the sentiment here. I’m no pacifist, but it’s atrocious that civilians and especially children are ever victims of war under any circumstances, whether through actual injury or damage to quality of life. Personally, I feel like more often than not, all of us are seen just as pawns by the relatively few ‘war-starters’ in their bloody chess game. NO human life should ever be a pawn. I don’t believe in telling people that their life is less important than some agenda. That’s not anyone’s call to make.

    Thank you for talking about these things. We need to do all we can to stand up for what we believe.

  67. Mankind grows even more capable of waging war and even more less capable in using the weapons responsibly. This is just downright horrible!

  68. Violence is never the answer…unfortunately it seems as if our world is drawing nearing to violence and becoming more and more estranged from humanity.

  69. It’s tremendously heartbreaking to hear all the pain in that child’s life through his last words.

  70. “I’m going to tell God everything” from the mouth of babes is the innocent truth that God is our True Father and we can Trust in his Love. We are called to only love; justice is only served by the One Creator of all heaven and earth who can see the big picture. We are never to focus on vengeance or punishment; we are merely to love to the best of our ability, knowing we cannot see the whole picture. The Holy Spirit always knows at least one more thing in a situation or person that we cannot see. We are never to judge but to Trust in the One. Jesus’ most difficult Truth is “love your enemies”. If we can begin to do that, there will be no more enemies. Hurt people hurt people therefore Love is the only true healer. God is Love without opposite; God is Light without any darkness. Total reliance on God is the way to peace. When we receive God’s peace into our soul we can rest in God and Love; to love in the face of suffering; to love and keep our heart open even in the pain of seeing an innocent child suffering; to let our heart break for what breaks God’s heart; to let our heart rejoice in the innate goodness of God in the center of all human beings when they surrender to the One. Whether in a body or free from a body, there is complete fulfillment and satisfaction, peace, joy, perfection, wholeness, oneness and tender loving-kindness in God. One day all will wake up and transform back into the image and likeness of God or they will be disarmed and destroyed. Truth wins; Victory is assured. Rest in God and Trust! Focus on the Spirit and the things above; be transformed by the renewing of your minds in Christ Jesus and watch as the world transforms. Do not judge by outward or physical appearances; keep your eyes one-pointedly focused on God and begin to see the outward transform. The perfect Love of God is the only real answer! It is the true healer! May everyone open to receive the Love pouring into hearts by the Holy Spirit. Let this Love- balm heal hurting hearts and restore our true identity as sons of the Living God.

      • You are most welcome. Blessings to you. May you be filled and overflowing with the soothing, healing, enfolding liquid Love of the Spirit of God!

    • I’m sorry but it have to disagree with what you wrote – although I appreciate the kindness in what you wrote, it is simply not true, delusional and unhelpful.

      This young boy is a victim of religious warfare. Warfare that exists because of disagreements on the very nature of the god that they choose to live – the same god that this boy is appealing to. The same god that watched with indifference as homocidal men and women committed awful acts of violence against our fellow humans – in his name.
      The reality is, this boy didn’t appeal to god because he believed he was his eternal father, he appealed to god because he was indoctrinated and didn’t know any better. If this same boy was born in the USA or parts of Europe he wouldn’t be appealing to god at all – and if he did happen to do so, it most certainly wouldn’t be the same god.
      This boy needed the love of his fellow humans, the care and protection of those responsible for him and a chance to live. Unfortunately god denied him all of that, and it is us, regular human beings that need to stand up for the memory of his little boy and do what we can to prevent others.
      I firmly believe that irrational belief in god caused this mess. As soon as we take responsibility ourselves and stop palming them off towards a fictional god then we have a real chance of getting together and working hard to put an end to this and guarantee freedom to all.
      My faith is in our solidarity to one another.

      • rational humanist you are absolutely correct in everything you say about the “god” you refer to; it is the god of this world = satan, the prince of the air, that divides, separates, seeks to kill and destroy and pits one group of humans against another, turns religions against each other and tears families apart. The Truth about God is this: unconditionally loving, unconditionally accepting, unites, heals and makes whole, sets free, give Life and Life more abundant and is every human being’s Loving Father. The lies about God are originated by the god you speak of. Ask to know God and his resurrection power intimately; ask to be shown the Truth and you will find peace. “Come to Me and I will give you Rest” These words were the first words Jesus said to me and a warmth started in my belly and as it increased it started to rise in my body and when this liquid Love reached my heart it felt like an explosion went off and chains broke from around my heart (the horrible effects of the suffering and pain that the god of which you speak inflicted on me) and I was transformed and set free. I have continued to see miracles, signs and wonders, healing and transformations since 1998 that blow my mind. Yes, God is real and yes the god of this world hates him and hates human beings because we are made in the image and likeness of God. The problem is most people are listening to the god of this world and are deceived and suffering and hurting each other. Know the Truth and the Truth will set us all free.
        May you be blessed rational humanist!

        • Do you really believe in miracles? Do you really believe that the laws of nature are temporarily suspended in a way that you approve of or do you think that you may possibly be mistaken? Which one is more likely?

          • Oh, bless your heart! I do not believe in miracles, I LIVE them! I have experienced too many to share them all (I have shared a few on my blog). Don’t try to rationally, logically know God with your brain; the infinite is beyond thinking and beyond our finite brain. The awakened, open heart, the innermost heart beneath the physical or emotional, can KNOW God! Don’t take anyone’s word or any religion’s teachings; test it out for yourself. Speak to Jesus and say, “I don’t believe you exist so I need you to show me; teach me Holy Spirit, I want to know if God really exists” If you are sincere, you will see and experience! Your brain has been conditioned to filter out all you don’t believe and find evidence for all you hold so dear, i.e. logic, rational, linear, physical laws, etc. Your left brain is functioning well! You trust what you have been taught and have experienced, but how can you discount the right brain’s connections, what is beyond the brain, and what so many have experienced? How can you be so sure of what you do not know or have not yet experienced? Keep asking questions! Ask for the eyes of your heart to be opened! Seek and you will find! Knock and it will be opened to you! Ask and you will receive! I wish you all the best!

          • Again, I appreciate your kindness and sincerity. I do how web disagree on a few points you make.
            Miracles – I believe that if you did in fact experience a miracle, then it is more likely that you were mistaken than to suggest the laws of nature were not just suspended, but suspended with you in mind.
            Secondly, your suggestion that I ask Jesus to show himself to me. Now, for me to be sincere in talking to Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to teach me and saturate me would only happen if I was to bring myself to believe. I am sincere about truth and honesty, but find no convincing reason to assume speaking to yourself will give you such answers.
            I assume you were talking about left and right brain as a metaphor but nevertheless I get your point. I deflect he question back to you on the hope it will answer your position. How can you reject what you don’t know? Have you not studied evolution ? The beauty of it is there is empirical and calculable evidence to support it. Additionally, you ask why i can be so sure – I don’t claim certainty, the truth is I don’t know, I assess what is more likely or plausible. You however claim to know the answers to certain questions for certainty. Answers that there’s no possible way to know the truth about what you claim. I’m glad you mentioned logic and evidence. When you say seek and you shall find, I must amend your biblical quotation to the following – abandon doubt, free thought, critical thinking and your value for evidence and you shall find what you want to find. Of course I have no right to insinuate what you should and shouldn’t believe. I was a Christian for many years but finally faces up to these difficult issues.

          • God is beyond religion. There is nothing to exclude; God includes and transcends all things; God is immanent in all things and transcends all things. I am sorry you had bad experiences with religion, so did I. At my lowest point, when I had given up all hope of God or human beings, the fire of God came through the top of my head, through my body, and the Holy Spirit breathed me and moved my arms above my head and I found myself worshiping God at the Throne. I don’t know how long I was there, whether I was in my body or not; I don’t know how or why, but all I know is when I found myself back to my physical senses I was transformed. Soon after this, Jesus came to me and spoke and my body had the transforming, transfiguring experience. My eyes, ears and heart were opened to a new spiritual level; my understanding changed; the words of the bible were opened to me and the Living Presence began to speak to me through the vehicle of the bible. With the Holy Spirit everything is new and fresh every day, and the eternal “now” was opened to my awareness. It is a new state of being.
            I bless you and pray that you find answers to all your questions. The mind will always have questions and more questions; the heart transformed by God has all the answers already and can rest in the peace that passes all understanding and truly know God intimately within and without. May you taste and see and know the Real Presence of the Living One! Love and blessings, Yvonne

          • Thanks for your thoughts and considerations.
            Unfortunately, what you’re saying is like white noise to me. There’s no evidence for it and you couldn’t possibly know the things you claim to know. I didn’t have a bad experience with religion really, I just faces up to the questions I had about what the Bible is asking me to believe and how it conflicts with the reality of the world we live in. I’m sure many people who consider Allah the true master and the Quran as his perfect word have had similar experiences that you talk about, and everything you say can be said in defence of the god of Allah as well as your god of Abraham.
            Regardless, it is nice to know you’re as happy as you are. The difference between us is you attribute your greatness and compassion and kindness to being gifts from god, but I would say that they’re all you. Thanks for sharing your views, I’ve enjoyed discussing them with you.

  71. Thanks for this post, Akriti! Have shared this on twitter, and am also sharing it in my Blog, though not reblogging it, as I wanted to add some thought to it. Love and Regards. Keep up the Good work.

  72. En cuanto un posible traje de Superman en Smallville, tengamos en cuent que ya aparecieron los primeros superheroes en ella, Impulse, Cyborg, Black Canary, Aquaman y Green Arrow. Noten que sus trajes difieren mucho a sus versiones en comic. Sobretodo Impulse y Aquaman, pero aun asi se ven muy bien, e ven frescos y a la moda. Creo q si Tom Wellin usara un traje en la serie seria por ese estilo. Claro q debera tener la gran S en algun lado, pero definitivamente pienso que no tendira capa, no se veria bie. Aunq es un rasgo clasico de Superman, para mi la capa se ve bien solo en los comics y series animadas. En ninguna pelicula o serie de tv se a visto bien. Primero pienso q una capa aunq se vea bien, no tiene ninguna funcion y estorba al momento de la lucha, mientas q un traje sin capa permitira mayor agilidad y destresa al heroe, aunq Clark no necsita eso, con solo su superfuerza ya es suficiente. Solo esperemos con que salen al final de la 8 y supuestamente ultima temporada.

  73. This is actually thought provoking. Keep writing, we need more of these.

  74. So sad on so many levels. 🙁 Seems the world just gets crazier and craizer. If only this little child knew that God already sees and knows everything that we are doing here…..

  75. I admire your emotional convictions here. As a father myself of a two year old boy, I found the picture too devastating to look at and reflect upon. Of course this world is full of horrors, but, to bring a level of optimism to your post – humanism and secularism is the way forward and is making incredible gains in the west with human rights and freedom of religion etc. We don’t have these in societies that live according to the wishes of god and harm others according to the truth claims of their religion. Hopefully, one day, fanatic and hysterical religious believers will be able to put as much investment into their fellow humans as they do in the afterlife.
    i can’t see me getting this tragic image of such a beautiful little lad out of my head any time soon. Sometimes I wish I could be in a position to do more for those who suffer. It is easy to comment when i’m sitting in a comfortable office with a computer and guaranteed human rights to add to my comfort.
    A sad subject but good spot. It always does good for those to reflect on the horrors of reality – even when those horrors exist so far away from home. Thanks!

  76. its all over money,power and control…..corpotations backing war machines,their sales go up,and the population rise is controlled, infrastructure is needed to be rebuilt inreturn from resources from a strategically important country…..fyi many more children dying in palestine,afghanistan,burma,somalia,sudan,lybia,iraq,lebanon….now next is ukraine on the list

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  78. You share interesting things here. I think that your blog can go viral easily, but you must give it initial boost.

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