” You Are My Love” by Mihran Kalaydjian in Duet

Paramount Pictures

Mihran Kalaydjian Singing Duet ” You Are My Love”

Lyrics:  Akriti Mattu
Producer: Samer Khoury & Sami Abdo
Recording & arrangement: Paramount Studios

Hey people, wishing all of you an extremely progressive and a joyous new year -2015.

There could have not been a better way to start the new year than by sharing a song about love , that i wrote.  We recorded it a few days ago but i waited till today to post it. Firstly because it’s the first day of the year and secondly and more importantly because it is Mihran’s Kalaydjian’s birthday. Mihran Kalaydjian is a friend and also the composer of this beautiful  track. I wish him all the very best on his birthday today and a remarkable year ahead. Also, a word of gratitude for letting me be a part of his venture and giving me an opportunity to write lyrics for his outstanding tracks.

To all you lovely people, i wish lots of happiness , strength and success in 2015. Keep rising and shining 🙂

Akriti Mattu


  1. Akriti – I thank you for your elegant words and lyrics – which made me sing for your with happiness and joy – Your talent is like a diamond and your ink is magic!

  2. Akriti, Marvelous lyrics by you & a beautiful love song with Mihran!!! I came over thanks to his website link! Best wishes in all you do & your website here!!! Phil from excuseusforliving.com

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