Life is Fleeting – Count your Blessings and Stay Grateful !!


The most uncanny aspect of life is that one can never be sure what follows next. It’s a full circle one goes through. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows , success and failure , life and death – All of it makes us stand and wonder that here each one is to their own. Every phase, every experience, every moment adds a new perspective to the way we view ourselves. We are all just an insignificant spec when we compare ourselves to the gigantic microcosm. Therefore one should not be petty or arrogant about their essential being. Life is to be embraced with open arms. Happiness is meant to be shared. Misery is to be made a teaching moment for endurance.

Love the people around. Don’t discriminate. Keep your humanity alive because life is fleeting at a pace so fast that things can change at the blink of an eye. Remain grateful because you owe a lot of people a lot when it comes to shaping you as an individual that you are. You just never know what you encounter next. So be thankful to the people who made you who you are. People will not stay around forever because eventually all of us will leave this place. But until then, live in harmony and radiate out positivity as much as you can. Spread your vibrance out there in the universe.

P.S I am dedicating this post to all those people whose loved ones mean the world to them. Nothing lasts forever, they say. Only memories remain. So create moments you can cherish for a lifetime 🙂


Akriti Mattu


  1. Good one. And yes, days pass by so quickly… Everyone is busy but don’t even know why and forget to live life and when I say live, it is not about just breathing.

  2. So very right. . As you say life is fleeting. . Time flies..
    We need to make the most of what we have..sadly humans are such that they don’t learn. ..

  3. remarkable thought n i must say dat evry one shud think abt it..as lyf is really unpredictable n tym is fleeting off…so spare smtym fr ur luvd ones bcz they wrth it…gud job akriti..!!

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