Reading the ‘Hindu’ Effectively for Civil Services & Balancing Time

Reading the hindu effectively for Civil Services

Reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services examination will go a long way in ensuring your success. You have got to make it your holy medicine.

The Hindu is a CSE aspirant’s most genuine source for current affairs. Nobody can possibly crack Civil Services without reading the Hindu regularly. Most of the aspirants realize it’s importance but feel perplexed when they first start reading it.

In the current post, I’ll elucidate the importance of the Hindu and define ways of reading it so as to gain maximum benefit.

Why is Reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services Important ?

Reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services is extremely important. I will go the extent of saying that you will never be able to have a firm grip on current affairs without going through it carefully.

The Hindu is not just comprehensive as a resource but also expansive in nature. Any aspirant who indulges in reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services will surely have an edge over others.

How is the Hindu Different from other Indian Newspapers ?

The Hindu covers ‘news’ and not ‘paparazzi’
Some of the finest individuals publish their editorials in the Hindu.
Some of the finest individuals publish their editorials in the Hindu.
The coverage of Current Affairs across disciplines is quite good.

Proper Section Wise Time Management for Reading the Hindu Effectively

A lot of aspirants struggle with time while reading the Hindu. So here’s my recommendation for various time slots dedicated for different pages of the Hindu.

Portion of the Hindu Expected time to read
Front page 5 to 7 minutes
State pages 2 minutes
National pages 10 to 20 minutes
Editorial pages 10 to 15 minutes
Op-Ed pages 2 to 4 minutes
International pages 5 to 10 minutes
Business pages 10 to 15 minutes
Science and Technology (Thursday special) 20 minutes
Sports pages 2 minutes
Last page 2 minutes
Supplement pages 2 to 4 minutes

How to Gain the Most out of Reading the Hindu ?

I’m elucidating certain points that will assist you in deriving maximum benefits from the Hindu.


Reading Hindu should be a daily activity. Invest around 1.5 hours on it daily (at least). Fix daily time for it. You can either read it in the morning or during mid day or even night. (I used to read the Hindu during evenings)


UPSC will test you on your knowledge of current affairs in relation with the world around and not in isolation. You will have to master the craft of relating news items to your General Studies (GS) syllabus.

For instance, if there is a coverage on , let’s say – drought in South India. Relate it to Geography and Environmentboth focusing on an aspect like El Nino.


If there is news about “Wanna Cry” malware, relate it to technology. Focus on hacking, cyber attacks, cyber crimes, cyber laws.


No matter how boring you find the editorials (you will at first), don’t avoid them. You will be interested over a matter of time. Nobel Laureates like Paul Krugman contribute to the Hindu weekly. Follow their posts and derive benefit out of them.


While reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services, make sure to always invest time on any headline pertaining to Government schemes. In fact, take any flagship programme by the Government seriously. Missing out on Government schemes will cost you in the exam dearly.


The Hindu comes up with unique editions. One day of the week is fixed for the Environment and Wildlife, another for Technology so on and so forth. Make sure your read them well. In the past few years, UPSC has picked up questions from there directly. Also, buy the special editions that the Hindu publishes yearly – Hindu’s Survey on Indian Agriculture, Hindu’s Survey on Indian Industries so on and so forth


Lastly, and most importantly – make notes from the Hindu. What you read today will be forgotten by you in three days time if you don’t revise. Notes will serve the purpose of a good compilation especially when the exam gets closer.

Note making is especially important from the Thursay edition of the Hindu i.e from the Science and Technology page. It is extremely important and should not be missed.

I had maintained a notes (discipline wise). You can do the same. These notes will be useful for Prelims and Mains both. In fact for Mains, they will one of your most handy resource.

While Reading the Hindu effectively what are the Most Important Aspects ?

International Relations
World Economy
Science and Technology
Latest Research

While Reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services, What all to Skip ?

Bollywood snippets
Articles on religious philosophy
Rowdy political statements

Start reading the Hindu effectively for Civil Services examination from today itself and help scale up your preparation. There will not be a better resource for current affairs than the Hindu.

All the very best.


Akriti Mattu


  1. Mam I am a huge fan of yours. It is so good that you have dedicated this portal for Civil Services aspirants. Please guide me and tell me that is it mandatory to read more than 3 newspapers per day ?

    • Hi Sneha

      Your words are most kind. You don’t have to read 3 newspapers per day. Rather focus on reading the Hindu thoroughly. It will help you a lot.

  2. Mam,it’s so nice that you are helping civil services aspirants.kindly share your detailed time table for cse preparation.

  3. Hi,
    I came here while browsing Quora. So, I apologise if I am posting a query at a wrong place.
    I am reading class 11 ncert Indian art book. What are the other books that I need to read to cover art and culture portion of CSE? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello mam…sorry to disturb you and also because you will have to stress yourself in reading such a long question.I am a b.a.student currently in the 2 nd year …..and i will be appearing for cse 2020 due to my age restrictions. I have already browsed the internet a lot….mrunal,unacademy,quora and a lot of other stuff but still couldn’t find a relevant answer to my question….because those answers are many and are in bits.mam my humble request is if you could please suggest me a complete strategy right from today till the interview e.g.when to start reading current affairs,what to avoid,how to make notes even from the Hindu as making notes throughout the year will be a tough task and notes will become difficult to memorize etc…..including every possible detail like which test series to join,how to prepare for static and dynamic portion,some life hacks,how to avoid getting distracted,how to make crisp notes from books and also a time table….I have 33 months to prepare and I have already bought dozens of books like India after Gandhi,spectrum,romila thapar,r.s.sharma,satish Chandra,bipin chandra,Norman Lowe for history, majid Hussain and Leong for geography,laxmikanth,dd basu,khullar for environment,nitin singhania,al basham,pushpesh pant for international relations,kartikeyan for ethics,ashok Singh for science,ramesh Singh for economics and essay and arihant past 25 years question papers plus I also have all ncerts in PDF form.mam I am highly confused and your help would prove a boon for me…..please guide me.

    • You’re very welcome.

      I face the issue for time constraint. Else, I would have updated articles daily. I’ll try to do it in a few months.

  5. Ma’am. I want to know, out of The Hindu and The Indian Express, which one should be preferred ? I know The Hindu is considered as the Gita for all the aspirants, can somebody read The Indian Express ?

    • Hi Asit,

      The Hindu is ALWAYS to be preferred because it will help you crack the exam. The Indian Express is a good newspaper but when it comes to CSE, the Hindu is unbeatable.

      You might be wondering , “what if I read both ?” I’ll stop you right there. Do just one and invest ample time on it. Once you clear the exam, you can surely read both 🙂

      Best wishes.

  6. hello mam,
    im really confused regarding the revision of current affairs
    can you please help me with the same?
    thank you!

  7. Hello mam…i am preparing for 2020 but i am still confuse for current affairs strategy to get maximum benefit and i am much afraid for prelims because now the Current portion is much increasing so what should be strategy?

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