No Place Called Home ?


The above picture of a 3 year toddler Syrian child went viral recently. It broke a million hearts and made millions cry. It also incited public outrage and shamed world leaders. His name was Aylan and was from war torn Syria. His final journey was supposed to end in Europe.However, it claimed his life and highlighted the plight of  innocent people caught in the darnest refugee crisis that the world has seen in a while.

Before seeing this picture, a lot of people were not even aware of the crisis in Syria – I can vouch for that. People are busy with their own lives , complaining about petty things when a lot of people around the world don’t even have a place they can call home. Half of the 23 million population of Syria have been forced from their homes, with four million becoming refugees in other countries. The civil war in Syria as well as in a lot of other nations in the  middle east and North Africa have become notoriously barbarous and ruthless.

It breaks my heart to see endless people being displaced out of their own homes. Families that were previously living peaceful lives are now forced to become refugees. Who is a refugee ? A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. According to the official statistics of UNHCR the number of forcibly displaced worldwide is 59.5 million.

Where are the human rights of all these people ? What if we are in that exact sam e plight as these people ? When did our world become filled with so much hate and violence ? I can keep posing endless questions here but i have no answers. None at all. Nobody in the world should live under shadows. Every individual matters. Every life matters. I hope that this world becomes a beautiful place – just the way it was intended and this mad charade of violence and bloodshed ends forever.

Akriti Mattu


  1. We all have to get up, open our eyes and move. If everybody contributes just a tiny bit, a lot could be achieved. I am a former refugee child myself. I know how hard it is, but I also know that it’s possible to have a future. I would give everything I have if I could reach one of those kids and show them that there is hope. 🙁

  2. It is heart breaking and you’re right that many of us whine about our petty first world problems while people out of sight suffer horrendously. Hopefully, world leaders can do something. Some are already mobilizing.

  3. I despaired that some friends were attacked on Facebook for sharing these images. I have a friend whose family were in Syria and she thanked me for sharing. We need to share and be informed about what is happening in our world, and demand action from our leaders.

  4. It’s an absolute nightmare which shows no sign of an end. It is heartbreaking to see how children, which account for almost fifty percent of the refugees are the worst affected . Confused, scared, lacking a sense of security with uncertainty looming large over their future, they truly have no place to call home.
    Hope things get better soon.

    • Yes it’s heartbreaking to see people being forced to flee out of their homeland. The world leaders have got to start taking action.

  5. the thing about these tragic tales on the news is that unless we are directly involved in the matter, we normally just thumb through the pages of the news, feel bad about it, then, we move on to something else that captivated our attention, and that, is just a part of human nature, and, until something like this hits us close to our heart (like if someone we knew is actually experience it), it rarely does anything to impact us, it’s truly sad that that, would be how the human mind works.

    • I agree completely. We tend to feel bad and then forget. However we have got to realize that it’s high time and we need to start helping out fellow human beings and not just feel bad.

  6. How desperation left a 3-year-old boy washed up on a Turkish beach -“This tragic image of a little boy who’s lost his life fleeing Syria is shocking and is a reminder of the dangers children and families are taking in search of a better life.

  7. It is very sad. What is going on in that part of the world but the problem is politics and terrorism.

    Sadly as the true story is coming out slowly the father of the child was the one who was smuggling the people and making money out of the whole situation.

    The little soul was murdered by his own father it seems..and also they were not fleeing from Syria. .It is wrong information. ..

  8. I feel at least kids should not go through this torture…adults will not behave anyway (i have no answers too)! I think wars will tear this world apart one day! Alas!

  9. I recently wrote on the daily deaths in the world.

    It was not that Syrians were living peacefully previously, they were hungry and under a tyranny. There was scarcity of food and water and this ill feeling was used. Isis came and situation got from bad to worse.

  10. It was really sad to see such a terrible terrible scene going on in Syria.. After lots of discussions and meetings most of the countries are joining together to remove the terrorism from Syria but why this didn’t happened before? After terrorist attack in Spain and Russian Flight. They are NOW joining hands to remove terrorism. If they would have done it in the beginning by forgetting all their egos when the civil war erupted in Syria than lots of lives could have been saved and the people won’t be called as refugees..
    We all have to help those people’s to get back their normal life in Syria because we cannot let them die..
    Thank you for sharing this post..

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