Our ships have crossed – In different seas we ride – Here’s looking at you kid -Have a fantastic life :)

Nikhar Mattu

I still remember the day as a 7 year old child when i has asked my parents to give me a baby brother. I was a single child back then and was keen on having a younger sibling. Everyday i prayed to the almighty to grant my wish with all my innocence as if i was sure that God listens only to me. I wanted a younger sibling to play with, to have fun with, to eat with, to travel with, to see dreams with, and somebody i could inspire. Three decades later, i’m so proud to say that my brother is my biggest inspiration. The sweet adorable kid who grew up with me has made it to the flagship program of his dream destination – Indian Institute of Management – Ahmadabad (IIM-A) – One of the Top B Schools of our country and the World.

All through his younger days he saw dreams of living life a certain way. He kept moving in the direction of his goals, focused and dedicated. At his young and tender age he knows more than people do in their 50s. Over the years he has developed this amazing perspective on life which comes across as inspirational. His motto is simple – You want to live life your way, set goals , work hard and don’t stop until you achieve them. The classic quote from the movie Pursuit of Happiness is his all time favourite.

I still remember the day he was born. My god i was ecstatic. I hear people talking about sibling rivalry , which is ok but never felt that with him. My parents did a commendable job of making sure that i felt secure as a child. That is why i felt more responsible towards him than anyone else. A friend’s mom who happened to be an excellent gynecologist was my mom’s doctor. She brought the young sweet thing in this world. I took a full day’s leave from school to just see the newest member of our family. Next day when i arrived in school, the same friend has made the cutest card congratulating me for the birth of my brother.

Feels so good right now, i remember everything πŸ™‚ The next few years were interesting for i had a younger kid in my house different from myself. As a child he was extremely naughty but adorable. He had this habit of munching chips all the time and then not throwing their packs and keeping them under his mattress. There have been times when we found as many as 50 packs under the mattress. As if it was some sort of treasure πŸ˜€

Jokes apart, one thing that has remained consistent throughout his life, be it as a child or now – He never stopped asking questions. His curiosity to know the world is persuasive. He doesn’t conform to a set standards of beliefs or values that have been going on through the ages. He asks questions and seeks answers himself for he knows the world doesn’t have them. That is why he is so different even at his young age.

I remember the time when we used to walk to the bus stop together for boarding our school bus. The discussions we had were a pretty good way to start our day. Back then he was still evolving as an individual and tried finding answers through me , me being elder to him. A few years later he has all the answers through his own experience, his perception on life and his grasp of some brilliant books. Every discussion i have with him now is a kind of a motivational talk coming from a leader. He never comes across as younger to me. He’s taught me so much without ever knowing it. I guessed i kept picking all of it and I’ve learnt so much.

I feel extremely grateful for having him in my life. I miss the time we spent together. I do. Being in different cities, our paths may not cross but they’ll always run parallel.Β This is what he wrote to me recently πŸ™‚

“Our ships have crossed. In different seas we ride.
Here’s looking at you kid. Have a fantastic life”

This post is like re-visiting a beautiful memory lane. The entire time we spent together until we left for different cities comes back as a lovely flash back. I wish him my best for life and i know for sure that this is just the beginning.

I love you Angel:)

Nikhar Mattu





Akriti Mattu


  1. Heartiest Congratulations πŸ™‚ beautifully written and very inspirational !! Wish him loads of success!!

  2. I guess this is how my elder sisters would have felt the day I was born. It’s amazing to have siblings and when you see them progress it’s even more amazing

  3. My daughter is amazingly talented & I am so lucky to be her mom.Luv you so much my little girl.

  4. Great…I liked your thoughts… Whatever I shall say about your writing skills and thoughts that will not be enough.
    I was knowing you are excellent but this much, I salute you.

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