Top 6 Do’s & Don’ts for Civil Services Prelims 2018

Hi CSE Aspirants, 

You are left with a few weeks before you attempt Civil Services Prelims this year. I know you must be under a lot of pressure and understandably so. But pressure won’t make things easier, reasonability will. 

I’ve prepared a list of Do’s and Don’ts that will help you stay focused on the aspects of the exam that matter. Wasting precious time overthinking about the worst will do you no good. Instead, stay calm and give CSE 2018 your best shot.

Here are the Do’s & Dont’s that I recommend for aspirants –



  1. Take revision seriously and go through all your notes (subject wise).
  2. Prioritize going through the topics from Current Affairs (that you must have compiled previously).
  3. Invest special time to ‘environment’ and ‘Science & Technology’ component of your syllabus.
  4. Attempt Mock Tests and time yourself. Assess your mistakes (even the minutest ones).
  5. Take a brisk walk daily and maintain a proper diet.
  6. Stay positive at all times.



  1. Do not read anything new. Invest your time revising your previous learning.
  2. Rote Learning of last moment concepts is a big no-no
  3. Do not go about reading randomly the archives of the Hindu newspaper.
  4. Avoid mugging and solving questions from previous year papers at all times
  5. Checking random websites for expected cutoffs is a big no-go
  6. Do not Panic . Else you’ll be under a lot stress.

I wish each one of you my very best. Make your attempt count.


Akriti Mattu


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