Living it Real !!!

No matter how well we know ourselves ,people who can take criticism positively are the ones who make it big in life..Others land up being  a part of the crowd and are criticized for life.. ..Reality checks are the key to refining your personality, improving your flaws and becoming better and better each day..however there are very few people who can actually get there..Most people are happy being pumped around for nothing..they do not realize that the fellows who are pumping them up are their foes and not friends..Also we’ve got to remember that advice is a very valuable thing or let us say critical advice is a very valuable thing..don’t waste it on people who are living in a fool’s paradise..it is said  – be selective with folks when it comes to giving advice because a wise man doesn’t require your advice and a fool will not listen to it..How true is that..! We live in a strange world where people try to outsmart you in a lot of things..the fools don’t realize that in actuality they are the ones who end up becoming nothing..Being real is the best way to live..no matter how harsh the reality, how painful the truth , how uncomfortable the situation we should be able to accept it and not live in an illusionary world thinking every thing will be fine..well, everything will be fine only when you know for sure how to proceed..Being an optimist is good..but i feel being a realist is the best!!I am glad that i fall in the category of people who take things as they are and if  things are not the way i want ,ill do anything to make them the way they should be..i dont  leave things on destiny because that is not how it works..infact i hate fatalists..they make no sense to me.. I am at a time in my life when i don’t need fairy tale settings..what i need is a doze of reality day in day out..and i am my best assessment..People can choose to agree /disagree with me..it really doesn’t bother me ..what matters is being real and living my life the way i want to without illusions..i need reality ..and only reality..!!!


Akriti Mattu


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