Honoured with the Angel Award


This is till date, my best day on WordPress.

A fellow blogger Angie (Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks blog) from the bluegrass music capital of Owensboro has honored me with the ‘Angel Award’ created by her and  also with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award  . I’ve accepted the Angel Award only and it feels awesome. When people know you and appreciate you exclusively by what your thoughts are, your feelings toward the world are and your stance on life is the time you know you did it . You finally made a place in people’s hearts for being who you are 🙂 I am overwhelmed right now.

The professional blogger that she is, says there’s no strings attached here, no rules, no hoops to jump through, no wordy mountains to climb (unlike most other awards here). That’s refreshing. But I still decided to write this little tribute to her –

Angie is the type of writer who can rap somebody on the knuckles and have them wait an hour or two before deciding that it hurts.This dogged and determined woman has M.S. She’s broken her shoulder. Angie lives in an apartment complex where the management often tries to take advantage of tenants. She named her blog what she did because she keeps running into things with her mobility chair. I dig her experienced and humorous vision of this life. She carries an edge that she’s earned.

I insist anybody who follows my blog, go give her blog a visit too. Worth it. :))

Akriti Mattu


  1. congratulations love! keep up the good work 🙂
    you make me so proud!!

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