Serving in heaven or ruling in hell? I’ll go with ruling in hell..That way ill transform  it into heaven..if its worth it..hell is such a subjective concept..who are we to judge what goodness is..or what hell is.

I have a thing for the devil..actually the concept of the devil..whose a devil?A sinful being?a mean creature?an ogre?a brute?a treacherous being?I feel the devil is ‘the leader’..the ultimate leader…in every way..whatever he is..he does get people to do things no one else can..That makes us- the wise, god fearing people ..the vulnerable, gullible and sometimes foolish beings..We plan while the devil acts..we think and think while the devil strikes back..He’s a player..and the best part is..Nobody ever knows whose the devil because the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world into believing he didn’t exist.

..And with this post i start my blog today. I know most people would write a introductory post about themselves as their first post but i’ll go with this one. What can i say – This is who i am. Let’s see whether I die as a Blogger with this blog or my journey transforms me into becoming a professional Blogger some day.


Akriti Mattu


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