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When I first started my blog, it was meant to be a personal reflection of thoughts. With the passage of time, however, it gained popularity among the masses and connected really well with students across exams. It is now a free platform for exam aspirants. If you feel a connect with it or have any queries pertaining to any Government exam, drop by and post your concern. I’ll address it at the earliest and will try to guide you through your exam preparation.

This platform is meant to assist aspirants across regions. No aspirant should ever be left out of the race just because he/she doesn’t happen to reside in a plush city or doesn’t have access to coaching. Before one sits to face competition, there should be equality in opportunity in so far as guidance is concerned.

I may not be active when it comes to posting blogs here anymore, but I surely will address any legit queries from aspirants (once every 48 hours).

What’s My Story?

As a student, I always had a strong inclination towards academics. This was both due to personal interest and the professional background of my parents. Both mum dad is Scientists cum Professors.

After having a casual gig at school and not taking life that seriously, I finally got out of my comfort zone.  I pursued higher studies in the field of English Literature being in absolute love with the subject. My strong desire to pursue Literature ensured that I worked hard enough to secure 2 Gold Medals for excellence in the field. I earned them for topping my state in both Graduations as well as Masters.

The initial success in academics helped me appear for various competitive examinations – Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services, IB-ACIO, SSC CGL, UGC -NET, Banking exams etc. However, the life-transforming moment happened when I attempted one of the toughest exams of the country – Civil Services.

I appeared for Civil Services first time in 2014 and cracked both the written stages in my very first attempt. I was happy and felt proud. However, as fate would have had it while preparing for the interview, I got a huge opportunity from the United States. It suited my personality way better than conventional service. So it got me thinking and I was left perplexed.

I had to make an informed decision between appearing for my PI and moving abroad. Throughout the course of my CSE preparation, Indian Foreign Services was what I wanted to pursue and never Indian Administrative Services. So an opportunity from the States excited me to the core.

I chose a new unknown opportunity over CSE. I embarked an entirely new professional journey. It was a giant leap of faith that I had to undertake but I went for it anyways. I discovered a side of me that was unknown before. I felt more connected with myself. I was happy pursuing my passion.

But even then CSE wasn’t completely out of my system. So thought of giving it a shot once more in 2015 to make sure that I don’t want to join one of the most prestigious Indian services after all. Attempted the exam again in 2015 and cracked it once more. However, again I was perplexed at the opportunity life was throwing at me.

At this point, my parents shared a very insightful thought and it helped me believe in my career choice. They told me –

“Had you been 100% passionate about CSE, you would have never given the United States thought. The fact that you took a leap of faith and moved out is proof enough that you want to let go of CSE and pursue other aspirations.”

These words struck a chord with me and my life transformed forever. Had I joined service, I would have left it eventually. It would be wasting somebody else’s seat. I would have not been fair to a candidate who would have been more passionate about joining Civil Services than I was. I am way too uninhibited to enter Government service. I know this for a fact now.

When I look back, I know for sure that changing the course of my career was the best decision I made.

Professionally, I’ve launched my own startup that has helped me in continuing with my free spirit streak: 

Budget Wayfarers 

It’s an online content platform for travelers and bloggers from around the world. Individuals who showcase their undying passion for travel are put on board to pursue a Travel Blogging internship. Each Travel Blogger on the platform is paid per contribution. As of now, Budget Wayfarers has more than 5000 Travel Bloggers from 57 different nations on board. Our motto for each of our Travel Bloggers is to ‘learn and earn.’ Stop by if travel fascinates you.

Having said this, I want to mention here that I have the utmost respect for each and every sincere competitive exam aspirant. I truly understand how much it takes to beat the competition and rise above.

I don’t intend to waste the knowledge acquired during the course of my preparation. Keeping this in mind, I worked for a couple of Ed Tech startups in India. This helped me understand the nature and level of more than 700 Government exams and the difficulty faced by aspirants. Through Cerebration, I hope to make knowledge and guidance more accessible.  It is for this reason that I’ve converted it from being a personal blog into a free portal for exam aspirants where they can reach out to me anytime and put forward their queries.

I wish all the future aspirants my very best. May the most talented individuals enter the workforce and help to elevate our beautiful and prospective nation.